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“I Shot Zazoo for Free, without Mentioning a Word” – Tg Omori Fires Back at Portable


Jan 20, 2023

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Singer Portable is known for his street vibes and he doesn’t cease to showcase it at any given opportunity.

TG Omori, a video director, has fired back at Portable for his uncouth comment about himHe stated that he directed, ‘Zazoo’, free of charge without telling the public.

According to him he directed Portable’s hit music without charging him a dime yet the singer called him out for charging him an exorbitant price for his diss track on Apostle Suleman.

In TG Omori’s words,

“Somebody tell Portable Zazoo was a free videoDid it without ever mentioning a wordBruh has a video and never knew how it came aboutBut hsi calling me out for a discounted price.

Recall that few days ago Portable called out TG Omori, over the huge amount he billed him inorder to direct his diss track on Apostle Suleman.

Portable took to Instagram and called out the music director, for billing him $50,000, to direct his diss track on Apostle Suleman.

The street singer questioned if the people patronizing TG Omori, are dead people and ritualists because of his exorbitant charges.

He added that he will shoot his music video without involving TG Omori.

In Portable ‘s words,

“No be you shoot Zazoo video and I said let me meet youMany people want to shoot video for meI am not well, you don’t know that I am mad$50,000 because of what? Me self have madness.

Shey dead people or ritualists are the ones shooting video from youYou dey whine JesusIndustry has cacusDo you want me to do ritual? Is that what you use to shoot video for Asake and Olamide? Who go hep me no go stress meOne day I go reach that levelI go shoot that video without you”.

TG Omori, thus took to Twitter and advised those close to the singer to inform him that he shot his hit music, ‘Zazoo’, for free without his knowledge.

See below,

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