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Kanye West marriage to Kim Kardashian look-alike dubbed ‘crazy, rebellious’ move


Jan 16, 2023

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Kim Kardashian must be feeling numb after receiving one after another surprises from ex-husband Kanye West.

A psychologist claims the reality TV megastar must be “really” hurting after discovering that her the Praise God rapper has secretly tied the knot to her look-a-like Bianca Censori.

The reality TV star jetted off on a private plane just hours after it was revealed that West, who now goes Ye, has allegedly tied a knot.

Analyzing her appearance, psychologist Jo Hemmings has suggested that the reality TV star will feel “despair” finding out the news of her the rapper’s marriage.

“I’d imagine Kim might feel considerable despair waking up to thisEach week seems to bring another surprise from Kanye and she must be feeling numb this stage,” she told The Sun.

“This seems like yet another crazy, rebellious, and defiant move Kanye, the likes of which we’ve seen a lot lately,” Hemmings said of Ye’s secret nuptials.

“I feel that without some sort of therapeutic or similar intervention, he’s on a fast track to some sort of crisis or implosion,” she added.

In this case, it seems Kanye’s trying to disrupt the traditional values of life and to send bold and controversial messages,” shared Hemmings, adding that this does not seem like “any kind of a meaningful relationship.”

As for Kim, the psychologist said that this marriage “must all really hurt Kim,” adding, “and if Kanye thinks people will take this seriously, then he’s a seriously troubled man who is angry at the world and wants to cause mayhem.”

“It all feels so very rushed and not even legitimate and so very unlike how he met and married Kim,” she continued“He’s clearly going through a phase of extreme mood swings – becoming unreliable, angry, and counter-productive.”

“However, seeing that he has chosen a look-a-like will make Kim further concerned about the direction of his erratic behavior.

“Kim will wonder if he has done it because he’s missing her or more likely, to cause her some grief and confusion,” Hemmings concluded.

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