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Harry and Meghan beat William and Kate at their own game


Jan 5, 2023

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Prince William and Kate Middleton are getting a taste of their medicine as Prime Harry and Meghan Markle have left no doubt that the Prince and Princess of Wales were behind their decision to step down as senior members of the royal family.

Prince William, according to Harry, allegedly used his office for propaganda against other members of the royal family.

In his Netflix documentary, Harry revealed that William had promised to him that the two brothers will not use their offices like their father’s office was used against the family members.

He said it was heartbreaking to see William doing the same thing.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex said when Meghan Makele’s letter to her father Thomas Markle was leaked to the media, senior royals refused to move against the newspaper despite the fact that the letter was sent with their approval.

Harry also lamented that a statement was issued to the media on behalf of him and his brother without his approval after their Sandringham meeting with the Queen where William had shouted on him.

A lawyer said in the documentary that the royal family fed stories against Meghan to the media to suit other people’s agendas.

With their documentary, recent media interviews and Harry’s upcoming book, the US-based royal couple is levelling allegations against the royal family and the Palace has found itself in the same position which once Meghan and Harry were struck in.

Whatever the truth Prince William and Kate Middleton won’t be able to use the media like Harry and Meghan to address the allegations against them due to the constraints which once stopped the Duke and Duchess of Sussex from sharing their side of the story when his Charles, William and Kate were calling the shots.

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