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“Normalize buying brown dolls with Afro hair for your daughters’ – Mary Remmy Njoku advises African parents


Dec 30, 2022

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Filmmaker and Actress, Mary Remmy Njoku has advised African parents to normalize buying brown dolls for their daughters as this will help remind them of their beauty and uniqueness.

The star-studded actress stated that parents should stop buying white-skinned dolls for their daughters as this shouldn’t be their standard for beauty.

Her words,

“African parents need to normalise buying brown dolls with Afro hair for kidsThis will help remind our children (especially daughters) of how beautiful and unique they areWhite-skinned dolls shouldn’t be their standard for Beauty,”

In another news Jason Njoku, husband to Mary Njoku, has revealed that he is not ready to leave his wealth for his children to inherit.

While celebrating their 22nd wedding anniversary he stated that inherited wealth is a burden to childrenThus the need to invest in their education.

In Jason Njoku’s words,

“@MrsMaryNjoku & I save to guarantee our kids a great educationAfter that our job is done & they can fend for themselvesWe don’t save for ourselves we spend to enjoy todayYoung money is better than old moneyIt’s way more funTrying to leave as little behind as possiblem

Mary Remmy Njoku is getting married for the second time in a few days—to her husband, Jason Njoku, to celebrate their 10th anniversary,” he wrote.

In another tweet he wrote:

“From all I have read Inherited wealth is mostly a burdenWe actually don’t buy much stuffWe spend on family experiencesExperiences we hope to gist about when we’re old and less mobileIn the end life is to be livedIt’s a burden regardlessStructured makes it less soBut burdens still remains.”

See below,

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