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Not Everything a Woman Does or Post Trickles Down to Her Ex” – Sophia Momodu Tells Trolls


Dec 10, 2022

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It’s common among celebrities to troll their ex on social media after a messy breakupFor Sophia Momodu, Davido’s first bamama, a lady can make a post on social media without the post trickling down to her ex.

Sophia Momodu and Davido have a child together, ImadeIn an earlier tweet she had shared a message TD Jakes, stating that if a man turns his back on his child, he has turned his back on his future.

Her earlier tweet,

“Turning your back on your offspring means turning your back on your future
..TD Jakes”.

This generated a lot of mixed reactions online as many people feels she is referring to Davido, the father of her child for neglecting their daughter, Imade.

In reaction to this, Sophia stated that her post is not directed at Davido and that people should stop associating every post a woman makes on social media with her past.

According to her most people project their insecurities on people who are not married but have a child together.

Her words,

It’s ok for 2 people to have a child together, NOT be together however decide to co parent in peace for a greater good without faceless people behind fake pages projecting their insecurities on them..

It’s ok for a woman to decide to carry on with her life without every single thing she does trickling down to an ex.#NormalizeThis

It’s ok to watch a sermon & tweet whatever resonates with your spirit without it being about anyone.#NormalizeIt

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