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Celine Dion fans are ‘heartbroken’ and ‘in tears’ after ‘hero’ singer reveals she has incurable neurological disease


Dec 8, 2022

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Celine Dion fans have been left devastated after the singer was diagnosed with Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS), which causes her muscles to tense uncontrollably.

The condition ultimately leaves sufferers as ‘human statues’ as it progressively locks the body into rigid positions, leaving people unable to walk or talk.

While there is no cure for SPS, there are treatments to slow down the progression, with Celine revealing she is doing all she can to minimise symptoms.

Fans have been left ‘heartbroken’ over the news and took to social media to voice their support and condolences.

One person tweeted: ‘I just knew it was seriousCeline, you are my heroOne in a billionOf course, it had to be something so rare to take you downBut you’ve got this!’

Another wrote: ‘Praying for @celinedion’s health and recovery this morningCeline has been such an inspiration to me throughout the years – sending all my love her way today x’.

Someone else echoed: ‘my heart aches for celine dion! that lady has done so many for her fans and to see her in such pain is just heartbreaking! a beautiful soul like hers don’t deserve this #prayersforcelinedion’.

And a fourth agreed, writing: ‘Heartbroken and in tears over the news of @celinedionI adore youYou were my very first concert right after titanic came outI will never forget you singing my heart will go on on a titanic model shipI am praying for you in the deepest possible wayI love you’.

Celine, 54, addressed her fans in a tearful Instagram post on Thursday as she revealed the disease has forced her to cancel her European tour.

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