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“Don’t Dress Scanty On Your Wedding Or Memorable Day” – Maria Ude Nwachi


Nov 28, 2022

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A writer and politician, Maria Ude Nwachi, have advised ladies to desist from wearing revealing outfits on their wedding or memorable day.

She stated that it is not good for a lady to expose her body to the world because a celebrity she admires does the same.

According to her wearing revealing outfits is not classy and there is nothing as alluring as been properly dressed.

Her words,

“Ladies, please, don’t ever think it is okay to expose your brest to the world just because someone you admire or believe is classy does that, certainly don’t do that on your wedding day or any memorable day in your lifeIt is not bold, it is not sexy, it is just crass, crude, declasse, very inept, inapt, incongruous, and highly irresponsibleInapropos! EyesoreIn addition, it reeks of senseIess attention seeking and misfired validation seekingNeedless! Please, don’t do it, and don’t copy that from anyoneThere is nothing more sexy, alluring, stunning, captivating, beguiling, enticing, appealing, and beautiful than proper dressing and making sure your upper area is well covered”.

See below:

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