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“Dating An Unemployed Lady Is Very Wrong, You Are Carrying A Burden” – Reno Omokri


Nov 8, 2022

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On-air personality, Reno Omokri, has advised single men not to date any woman who is unemployedHe stated that dating an unemployed lady yet high to maintain is like carrying a burden.

The social media critic in a cryptic post on his Twitter page stated that single men should not date an unemployed lady as this is very wrong to do.

According to him an unemployed lady because such is a liability no matter how appealing she is and dating her is like carrying a burden.

He stated that women are many and not hard to getHe added that women only gather a man when he becomes successful.

In his words,

“Dear single men,

Dating an unemployed female who is also high maintenance is one of the wrongest moves you can makeIt is like paying to carry a burdenListen, women are not rare50% of the population are womenStop dating a liability no matter her sensuality!Dear men,Never think that relationships with women are hard to getNot trueSuccess is hard to getA job is hard to getMillionaire status is hard to getPrioritiseFocus on things that are hard to getOnce your tree has fruit, women will gather under it!”.

In reaction to his words some Twitter users shared their opinion.

A Twitter user identified as Jesse Joseph wrote:

“Unemployed females with high maintenance Na them be potential object for sacrifice usually yahoo boiz”.

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