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DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: He tried to strangle me while driving’: Kerry Katona says ex-husband George Kay would beat her EVERYDAY


Oct 2, 2022

Kerry Katona has revealed that her late ex-husband George Kay would beat her every day during their relationship and even tried to strangle her while driving.

The former Atomic Kitten member opened up about the traumatic abuse in her new memoir – named Kerry Katona: Whole Again, saying she was even beaten while pregnant.

The TV personality, 42, married George back in 2014 after two years of dating, before they split a year later – with the former rugleague player passing away suddenly in 2019 after eating ‘a quantity of cocaine’.

Kerry and George split amid a flurry of shocking claims of domestic violence and substance abuse in the marriage – which she has previously revealed made her feel ‘worthless’.

In her new book, she recalled an incident where her ex attempted to strangle her during a car journey – even pulling her out of the vehicle.

In quotes obtained The Sun, she wrote: ‘I could barely breathe and honestly thought I was done for, when he released his grip, pulled over, opened the passenger side door and dragged me out of the car my hair.

I fell, hitting my head on the doorHe spat on me, got back in the car and drove off.’

She said the attack was sparked during a house viewing when she recalled a story about the singer Bryan Adams telling her to eat her vegetables.

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