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Reno Omokri Reveals The Only Reason Parents Should Tell Their Children “‘See Your Mate”


Mar 8, 2022

Former Presidential aide and activist, Reno Omokri took to social media to advise parents about the words they say to their wards.

He stated that parents should encourage their children instead of comparing them to their mates.

He advised parents to believe in their children and stop mounting pressure on them.

“Dear Parents, Except you are richer than Elon Musk, and smarter than Albert Einstein, never, ever, tell your children, ‘see your mate’You too have mates that you don’t measure up toSo stop measuring your children to their mates,” he said.

“Measure them to their potentialDo you know how Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates became super successful? It is because they had parents who believed in them, not parents who compared them with their matesBelieve in your childrenEncourage themStop pressuring them with ‘see your mate’!”

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