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BUSTED!! Woman Narrates How She Discovered Her Husband Was Sleeping With 20 Girls


Jan 4, 2022

Mid adult woman sitting on the bed and suffering from a headache

A lady identified as Mologadi took to Twitter to disclose how she discovered her husband of 17 years was a serial cheater who slept with 20 girls and infected her with STI.

According to the lady who expressed her joy about going through her partner’s phone, she found out that he was not only seeing 20 women but was also deep in debt.

She wrote via Twitter:

“I’m glad I went through his phone, was super shocked the things him and his friends (all married) get up toFiled for divorce and went for a full STI check upOfcourse he was angry I “invaded his privacy” coz he didn’t anticipate that this time I’ll file & leave him for real.

He’s been cheating for a while but I always thought it’s just the usual 1 chick here and thereI found out he was sleeping with 20 girls, deep in debt because of his alternate lifestyle & I caught an STI because of his philandering”.

“I’m not going to defend leaving a man that gave me STI’s and sleeping with over 20 women in under a year while I’ve been faithful & loyal for the whole 17 years he’s been a serial cheater.”

See the tweets below:

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